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Aven Colony

Aven Colony is a sci-fi colony-building sim - create humanity's first settlement on an extrasolar world! · By mothership, Mothership Entertainment, ellie_team17

Aven Colony game very choppy

A topic by Gabikcz created Mar 10, 2018 Views: 96
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Hi, I got back to Aven Colony recently after a while and having problems with the game play - every movement is very choppy, esp. when I right mouse to change the angle of view but even when just watching the drone to build something - it has its tiny freezes. All in all very uncomofortable to watch at and play. Otherwise the game is great. When I played it first time I did not see this.

I have notebook with i7 quad core, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M, 16GB memory, so my device should not be a problem.

Thank you,

Best regards,