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Streaming and Feedback [games/devs wanted]

A topic by TigerJ created Mar 07, 2018 Views: 131 Replies: 7
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Hi I'm TigerJ and I stream games mondays and fridays on twitch. I usually export those highlights out to youtube also!

If you have a game in development or just released you want streamed hit me up on twitter or jump into the stream on mondays and fridays



you can see other highlights from the past here on youtube:


Saw your video on Void Runner and enjoyed it very much. Gonna try and catch you on stream sometime! :')

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Awesome null! 

I am going to be streaming Friday evening eastern time and Monday (new games and dev chat). I just updated my twitch channel art to show this more clearly (channel art below)

Thanks so much for coming out tonight null! Really appreciated your input during the DungeonXY game for 7DRL jam.

Hey TigerJ! What kinds of games are you looking for? We've got an early access title with a great level editor if you're into games like Super Mario Maker.

I am interested in games with active developers who want to come hang out in twitch chat while our community enjoys the games. there is no specific genre and there is something for everyone. It's about hanging out and having a good time.

I can do that. I can even hand-feed you new levels while the stream's going on. Or maybe we can even get the chat room to do the same! Interested? I can zap you a key.

absolutely I’ll add you to the queue