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What are the thing we have to make in a game so the game legal is the person/company making it

A topic by sufiyan anwar created Mar 06, 2018 Views: 108 Replies: 3
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Hey guys i m new in game development i completed mu first game and uploaded it on aptoidewhuch is signed using unity but it ask to sign again and upload an already signed app ..second option is give them a proof that i m the true owner of the game app a new developer i dont know what are the thing i have to make before publishing a game on any app store i just created a game ...any information for guidance  


Hello, your English is a bit broken so it's hard to tell what you're asking. We don't ask for a signed game. Are you uploading to another website?

Also please try to post in the correct board, I moved this topic.

Sorry for my english

1. If a game developer develops an app and publish it . So how he can proof he is real owner if asked during certificate approval of that app

2. What are the component we can include in app that proofs we are the creator of the app terms we should do before publishing app on any market

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I never made an Android game, but I think you get an important number for you app which you must remember. I think it's called Application ID. Here read this:

Ask the people from the aptoide Android market for the legal terms for their market. Legal terms can differ depending on which market you are uploading to.