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[Accepted on Steam & New Screenshots!] CONCLUSE : Lost ps1 Horror Game Coming to PC/Mac

A topic by T Allen Studios created 12 days ago Views: 113 Replies: 2
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Hi there! Welcome to this thread which has been created as a way of sharing progress of Concluse on itch.io. I'm the lead programmer on this project and am glad to have the pleasure of sharing the game. Please check out our Teaser Trailer below, and be sure to subscribe to notifications on this topic as well as Jon's YouTube channel (the author of the video below/fellow developer). This game will be the offspring of a collaboration between Studio Snowspot & T Allen Studios.


Jon Martin (Studio Snowspot), first found the ps1 horror game "Concluse" in his uncle's attic after he passed away a number of years ago. He attempted to research the game, but could find nothing about it. After uploading a number of play through videos on YouTube (here), he decided that he wanted to revive this game so that others could play it. It was after this that Jon contacted me to help him port the game to PC and Mac. And now we're here!

Concluse is an atmospheric horror game which features puzzles, a creepy atmosphere, outstanding cutscenes, and something a little twisted..

The game will also feature full Xbox 360 controller support on both Windows and Mac.

Things are happening in the game of Concluse, things that we didn't mean to happen...

Anyways, progress is being made! Hope you enjoy this GIF and subscribe to this thread if you haven't already!

Exciting news! Concluse has been accepted onto Steam and we are currently setting up it's store page! This also means we have access to the steam works API allowing us to add Steam achievements!

To celebrate here are some in game screenshots! Be sure to subscribe to this thread if you want to be notified as we near a release.