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Fairly Nude

Fairly Nude is a hardcore platformer with some elements of comedy, that relies heavily on quick reactions and timing · By Arian Behfar

Any chance of an Installer ? Doesn't run on XP otherwise

A topic by Pishenden created Mar 03, 2018 Views: 204 Replies: 4
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There's this issue with XP support where games made on a certain engine from a certain point on won't work on XP due to a "not a valid Win32 application" error, however if one includes an installer that has always solved these issues, in my experience. Would that be at all possible ? Thanks.


Of course! Just uploaded an extra file called "FairlyNudeInstaller". Sorry for uploading it so late, I was having problems with my internet, and couldn't upload it til now. Let me know if it works!


No need to apologise, it's cool you even thought to do something for XP users at all at this stage : D Will report if everything works shortly.


After reviewing the files, I still can't get it to run. Which is odd given I've had at least 3 other games with this exact same error working thanks to an installer.


Ahhh, that's a shame! Was hoping it would work.

Edit: I just researched it and found out that the software I'm using doesn't work for XP because it requires DirectX 11 and XP doesn't support it. Sorry you couldn't get to play it!