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Rave Heart (Sci-fi RPG)

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Hello everyone, here is yet another RPG maker game that I'm currently working on! :) This game is going to be a commercial release, but you'll be able to play a free 2 hours long demo of the game in the meantime. ^_^ All you feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

It is the year 212 AXW: the Great War that ravaged the galaxy of Xerxes has given way to contentious peace. One of the legendary heroes of the war, Arcturo Rave, now presides over Xerxes as the High King. His influence, though considerable, is barely containing a galaxy divided.

Much of the conflict stems from two age-old adversaries: the humanoid Aryans of House Rave in Sector 4, and the lizard-like Draconians in Sector 1. To defuse the tension, Draconian Count Vorakia Estuuban wishes to merge two of the most influential houses from Sector 1 and Sector 4 through the marriage of Princess Ellemine Rave (daughter of the High King) and Prince Chad Zephyr (son of Lord Falric Zephyr). The High King approves of this union between the Aryans of House Rave in Sector 4 and the Humans of House Zephyr in Sector 1. However, the Count may have an agenda of his own for this marriage, and may not have the best interest of the galaxy in mind. Could House Zephyr simply be a puppet of the Draconian Count in this union?

Klein Cryoz, the personal bodyguard of Princess Ellemine Rave, finds himself caught up in a twist of unfavorable events. Journey into the galaxy of Xerxes and enter Klein's life, as he finds himself caught up in a galactic feud. Along the way, the fragments of his long-forgotten dark past surface, piece by piece. Will he be able to do his duty, withstand the pressure of a brewing war, all the while having his past haunt him?

Humans are an ever-evolving species. For a race that started from primitive humans with apelike features, they have now drastically evolved. It was a great wonder throughout all of Xerxes that the Humans were able to evolve themselves over the years. They now have symmetrical bodily proportions with great features. The Humans' intellectual capacity has improved over the years as well. Now, only time will tell what the Humans are going to be like in the far future.

Aryans are the inhabitants of Sector 4. They have humanoid features and are identified for their hair-color with hues that range from sapphire blue to emerald green. Aryan's source of food is the natural vegetation of Erra and Orion. Some Aryans are born with psychic powers. They are called “Ciphers”. Some Aryans on the other hand aren't born with psychic powers. Non-cipher Aryans are given the opportunity to study at the Granian Research Facility of Sector 2 or to join the Aryan Vanguard. This happens when they reach 25. In Aryan tradition, it is said that the rightful heir to the throne must always be a child born as a Cipher. If a King's first born is not a Cipher, but his second is, then the second child shall be chosen, regardless of age and gender. Aryan Royalty is also very strict at keeping their royal children's identity a secret from the Galaxy. This is only until they are engaged and married.

The Draconians have reptilian features. They have hard scales and strong bodies. Their kin are very competitive when it comes to power and authority. They have access to the most advanced technologies up to date, thanks to the help of the Grays at the Granian Research Facility in Sector 2. It was rumored that the Draconians eat human babies as food, but was long debunked by Count Vorakia Estuuban himself. The count specifically mentioned that they would never betray their own people, Draconians and Humans alike. What is known for now is that the Draconians only eat raw animal meat for food.

Granians (Grays)
Granians are extremely telepathic beings. They communicate with others using their minds. They are also very intellectual. It has been a mystery that they are able to work together in perfect unison for their advancements. Granians work with one mind and are able to achieve much technological advancement. They have skins with hues ranging from pale white to gray. They have huge oval shaped eyes and their bodies are small and frail.

Gulanians (Greens)
The Gulanians, unlike the Granians, are not telepathic beings. They speak with their tongues like most beings in the Galaxy do. They are more focused on excavations, archeology and manual labor. This makes them the perfect partner for the Granians. Gulanians have the same physical features as the Granians with their small, frail bodies and huge oval shaped eyes. The only difference is that their skin is green.

Kunians are humanoid beings with cat-like features. They have very agile bodies and strong senses. The Kunians are rich in culture and are very spiritual beings. The Kunians are the only ones preserving the practice of "Calline" in all of Sector 3. Calline is a tradition among the Kuni where an individual reaching the age of 20 is given the chance to take a soul-searching journey alone around the galaxy and bring honor to their kind.

The Farians are humanoid beings that are identified for their purple skin and hair color that have hues ranging from purple to pink. Most Farians are involved with occultism and witchcraft. They are infamous for the usage of hexes, curses and charms that are driven by criminal intentions. Still, not all Farians are involved with criminal intentions. The occult practices, however, have long been a cultural stigma on their species. Many Farians work underground in Kardel to create devastating hexes and curses with malicious purposes.

The Somaki is an enigmatic race with unknown origins; they're usually seen wearing suits of armor that cover their faces. Their purpose in this sector is unknown. Their body-shape is humanoid in nature and is really muscular. They are usually found lurking in underground areas of the planets in Sector 3. Though there hasn’t been any news of the Somaki causing trouble as of late, still, the people of Sector 3 are very cautious of their presence.[/spoiler]

Name: Klein Cryoz
Age: 20
Race: Aryan
Zodiac: Scorpio
- The Main Protagonist of the story. Klein is a Cipher, 20 years of age. He has left behind his dark past when the High King of Xerxes took him in as part of the Cipher’s Kinetic Association (CKA) of House Rave and assigned him as the Princess’ personal body-guard. He is calm, deep and stoic.

Name: Ellemine Rave
Age: 21
Race: Aryan
Zodiac: Virgo
 – Princess of House Rave and daughter of the High King. Ellemine is an empath who has suffered greatly because of her powers. She is able to absorb the feelings of everyone around her, be it, joy, pain, sorrow and anger. All of these have made her life difficult and have left her feeling overwhelmed for so many times already. Ellemine, Instead of her non-cipher elder brother, Prince Eryn Rave,  was chosen as heir to House Rave, for, In Aryan tradition, the Royal child who possesses psychic powers must always be the chosen heir, despite of their age and gender. She is very close to her mother, Queen Lumina Rave. Ellemine is humble and meek, but wise and strong. 

Name: Chad Zephyr
Age: 19
Race: Human
Zodiac: Pisces
- Prince of House Zephyr and son of the well renowned couple of Sector 1, Lord Falric and Lady Marselva Zephyr. As a college freshman and a popular athlete, life has been going well for him, until he was taken off guard by his parents’ decision to get him engaged with an Aryan Princess. Chad wasn’t really into any kinds of relationship during the time, however, when he met Princess Ellemine for the first time, his heart strings were plucked as an invisible cord of emotional and spiritual connection has formed between the two of them. Chad has been professionally trained in sword-fighting since childhood; this makes him an excellent fighter. He's charismatic, athletic and laid-back.

Name: Sola Brightling
Age: 20
Race: Kunian
Zodiac: Sagittarius
- A teen who is currently on her “Calline”. Calline is a practice among the Kuni where an individual reaching the age of 20 is sent out on a journey around the Galaxy to find him/herself, creating his/her destiny and bringing honor to their people. This journey usually awakens fear and anxiety on a Kunian, but Sola was very excited for this journey. As the adoptive child of Lady Tajuma Hulei, governor of Sector 3, she was always expected to be as reserved and well-behaved as they wanted her to be. Now, the Calline is the only thing that can free her adventurous spirit. She's childish but very cunning.

Name: Veronica Wale
Age: 27
Race: Farian
Zodiac: Capricorn
- Owner of “Wale’s Resto Bar” located in planet Kardel, Sector 3. Veronica lives up to the Farian stereotype of being heavily involved in black magic such as hexes and curses. Veronica is notorious for using spells to enhance her charms and allure on her costumers, making them come back to her resto bar again and again. Veronica’s life changed directions when the leader of the “Star Raiders” fell in love with her. The leader of this pirate group wishes to kidnap her and force her into marrying him. She's very charming, witty and humorous.

Name: Zazir S-89
Age: 8
Race: Half Draconian and Gray
Zodiac: Gemini
- Zazir is the 89th Hybrid experiment of the Niredian Scientists in Sector 1. He is a mixture of both Draconian and Gray DNA. Zazir was left to rot in the barren planet of Jargon in Sector 2, for, he was deemed a failed experiment by the Niredian scientists. Zazir, however, is not exactly a failure himself. He possesses the strong physical capabilities of a Draconian and the telepathic powers of a Gray. He was saved from this predicament when he met Klein and Ellemine. Zazir is naïve and curious, but brave and loyal.[/spoiler]


- Rich background story and varieties of alien planets to explore.
- A Cast of colorful characters who each have their own interesting background stories.
- Semi-linear gameplay that rewards exploration.
- Discover different extraterrestrial races and their cultures.
- Emotionally involving story-line with interesting twists.
- Immersive Sci-fi setting.
- Gameplay that seeks to bring out the love of nostalgia from RPG gamers.
- ATB Side-view Battle System.
- Fast-paced gameplay.

Nikorasu's Let's play+review (Demo version 2.0):

Driftwood's First Impression video (Demo version 2.0):


Game text/logo:

Help with Story and Game descriptions:


Maker Systems – RPG Maker Source -  



Aaron Krogh

Eric Matyas
"City of Tomorrow"
"Cyber Dreams"
"Future City Life"
"High Tech City"
"Little Space Probe...Very-Big-Journey"


Darren Curtis
"Drifting Through Space"
"Illusory Realm"


Tobby Ong
Michael Galefire
Creative Ed

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Hello guys! I just submitted a BOSS battle entry for this game at the RPG Maker 28th bday event. :)

Just thought I'd share it here for anyone who's interested. ^_^ Heart BOSS battle.exe

In this battle, Klein, Ellemine and Zazir encounters a horde of mutations and a spore-spitting mutant as their leader. The horde of mutations are going to be quite tough to deal with, but with the party's current arsenal of skills and items, there should be a way to wipe out these creatures.

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Hi guys!! Nikorasu just made his fun-filled let's play+review video for Rave Heart! I just thought I'd share it out to you guys if you're interested to watch the gameplay of Rave Heart! ^__^ You might also want to subscribe to his channel, which is dedicated in reviewing RPG maker games with helpful and insightful feedbacks! ^_^

Hi guys!! I just wish to share some of my progress for the development of Rave Heart right now. :)

First off, the town of Dorine from Planet Kardel:

(Don't mind the door-less buildings, it's still a WIP)
Klein and friends sets foot in this planet where crime is the norm, wish them luck in this dangerous escapade. xD

Manu options by Yanfly!

It is an additional feature that I should've used since the very start. xD But here it is! :)

Enemy health bars by Yanfly!

Another feature that I should've used since the very start. xD This will certainly help players calculate and invest the right damage on specific types of enemnies.

That's all guys! Hope you like it. ^_^

Hello guys!! I just wish to share a very detailed and helpful first impressions done by Driftwood Gaming!! ^__^ I really enjoyed it and they were very helpful in pointing out the issues of the game that needs to be addressed. xDD Also, you'll be chuckling a lot in this video, as their beautiful voice-acting will leave you in awe. xDD :D Enjoy! ^_^

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Hello everyone!! You may now download the new demo for Rave Heart, version 2.5! ^_^

Changes are as follows:

- Added Options command (System) on the main menu that allows players to adjust the volume of BGM, SE and BGS as well an auto-dash on/off option.

- New animations has been implemeted to all skills, attacks and items.

- Black-screen time during cutscenes has been reduced.

- New icons for items such as the First Aid kit.

- Enemies now show their health bar during battle.

- Fixed a few found grammatical errors and typos. Some sentences have been reconstructed as well.

- New music has been implemented on the test chambers of City-lab.

- Encounter Rate at the dungeons has been reduced.

- Fixed some tile issues.

Enjoy!! Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. :)

Hi guys! Here's a test video for the custom battle animations I've implemented for many of the characters' spells and skills.  I hope you like 'em. ^_^

Hello all!! I just wish to share the latest LP+Reviews done by these awesome LPers and video reviewers! They're for Rave Heart's demo version 2.5! ^_^ With some very helpful feedback and fun playthrough to show! XD

Nikorasu's Let's Play+Video Review for the demo 2.5:

NeoSoulGamer's Let's Play+Video Review for the demo 2.5:

chibievil's Let's Play+Video Review for the demo 2.5:

I hope you guys enjoy! ^_^

Hi guys!!! I have now started creating my very own website for my RPG Maker games with! ^__^

You may visit it now! ^_^ (I had reports that there were problems viewing the site using mobile x( )

Hope you enjoy! :)

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Hello guys!! Demo version 3.0 is now up!! ^_^ 

Here are the changes so far:

- New Intro Scene - A whole tutorial sequence that involves Bryan and Klein, fighting their way to capturing a Farian fugitive. Reasons: This is to add some action and hype at the very start of the game. Since the game is story-driven, I believe that starting out with some gameplay would be a nice touch. 

- New skill and item icons

- New skill animations added

- Implemented an arrow pointer as guide for story progression

- Slight adjustments to the battle HUD (ATB bar is now at the lowest section)

- Typo fixes

- Dialogues now uses a different font

That would be all guys!! Thank you so much and I hope that you'll enjoy! ^_^

Hello Everyone! ^_^ Here's a newb photoshop art I did for both Ellemine and Chad for my game Rave Heart. :) This is like, my first time trying out my hand at photoshop drawings as my way to cope with my recent streak of depressing happenings. :( X( Anyway, this scene is supposed to capture Ellemine and Chad's getting to know moment during the engagement party in the game. xD :D Hope you guys like it. ^_^

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Hello everyone!! Version 4.0 is here!! :) It has tons of new content (story-wise) and a few updates and improvements from the previous versions! I have all the reviewers and LPers to thank for the improvements of the game! ^_^


- Intro Maps have been updated.

- Shuttle sprites have been updated (Huge thanks to SmashArt for providing a cool shuttle sprite for the game).

- Menu sound effects have been updated.

- More story content (1 hour extension from the previous demos).

- Astral boosts' sprites have been changed.

- A few tile-set bug fixes.

- Added some cool lighting effects on many of the maps.

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Hi guys!! Here's another update on the demo for Rave Heart!


- Most arena enemies have been dramatically nerfed.

- Fixed some more tile-set bugs that I missed at some comfort rooms.

- Fixed a bug where the shuttle will sometimes appear as a car in one of the maps in the demo.

- Fixed an unpassable tile found at Dorado.

- A few more story continuation from previous version.

Also, some screeny for you guys:

Poor Veronica, forced to marry the crazy Star-Raiders' leader. Veronica has no say in this cause she was intentionally muted. xD (And yes, that's a wedding in a dance club.)

Hello everyone!! I am very pleased to present to you all a very big update along with the downloadable new demo: Version 5.0! :)

There have been tons of changes and improvements from the previous, as seen in the changelog. All of this isn't possible without the help and kindness of everyone who gave their support, wonderful feedback, suggestions and criticisms! :) They are always a huge help to my development of this game! :) So thank you, thank you, thank you soooo much for everyone who gave their honest feedback as well as their support! This goes out to all the people who LP'd and reviewed my game! ^_^ And of course, people who shared their support and comments of the game is so much appreciated! :D

Now, without further ado;


Version 5.0 changes:

- Shuttle's sprites have been reverted back to the Space cars.

- Fixed a few typos and grammatical errors.

- Healing items' recovery power has been slightly increased.

- Victory music has been changed.

- Klein's "Kinetics" has been renamed to "Psionics".

- Ellemine's skill "Alter" has been renamed to "Conversion". Icon has also been changed.

- Intro Area has been improved with an added little exploration, dialogue reworks, and some lootable chests.

- Prologue's story and narrative regarding Ellemine's Psi-Exams have been reworked completely in respect to the image of sovereignty.

- Going near the Rave Palace waterfalls will now play some sound effects.

- All music in the game that are .mp3 files have been converted to .ogg files.

- 1 hour of additional gameplay/story content.

Hope you all enjoy!! ^_^

Hi all! I know I've been gone and haven't been posting some news about my development of this game as of late! But no worries, I do not intend to stop! ^_^ 

I was busy with some real life stuff, and I'm also currently working on a collab project with Berry on the RMN Twisted Fairy Tale Event here: . I'm also very excited to share with you guys this collab project soon as we wil be releasing the game either this Oct. 29 or 30. :) Then I can start working on Rave Heart once again. xD :)

Rave Heart is currently on private beta test phase, and I have wonderful and trusted people playing the private beta right now. :) If you wish to give me the honor of being one of my private beta testers, please do not hesitate to ask! ^_^ With that said, I will no longer be uploading Public demos for download. :)

For now, here's a little screenie sneak peak of what's to come! XD