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Spooky Background Asset

A topic by Biim created Mar 03, 2018 Views: 159 Replies: 2
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This is the second asset I have created.

It is ideal for platformer/metroidvania games and good for Halloween too.

What do you think about it guys?

Thank you


I was too scared to make a comment but now I dare to ;)

Nice style! Simple and effective. The only part I didn't like was the moon with the face. The tree with the glowing blue face looked a bit inconsistent, I would have made it monochrome too like the rest (white glow instead of blue), but that's just nit picking.


Hahaha, thank you @melerski for your feedback, it will be very useful to keep it in mind for my next assets ;-)

I wanted to add an alternative Moon to the one that you can see at the beginning, in case someone wants to make something different. It is a sort of "bonus" that I added at the end. If this pack will sell well I might create a new Moon as well with different style.

I agree that the tree with glowing eyes and mouth is a bit out of place but it  is one of the very first drawing I made, and it inspired me to create a whole set designed in that style. I used the first group of sprites to teach to my daughter to use a bit Construct 2 and few days ago I had the idea to complete the pack adding more images and let other people enjoy it too. I am quite attached to that tree, so I left it in that way. It has 4 frames if you want to animate it, but in case you don't need the animation the 4th frame is totally black with no eyes and mouth. Also depending on the engine you use you might be able to use some effects to get rid of the blue glow and change it to white.

Thank you again for your feedback and in case you decide to purchase it, please share here the progress with your game showing how you use the asset. In addition, as said before, if people are interested in the assets, I will work on something to add as HUD, pick ups and monsters.

Talk you later!