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Perfect Tides

Perfect Tides is a point and click adventure game about the agony and anticipation of being a teen. · By Meredith Gran

Only uses one quarter of its window (mac)

A topic by courier256 created Mar 12, 2022 Views: 555 Replies: 1
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Running this on my mac, the game appears in only the lower left corner of the window unless I make it full-screen. Which is no big deal because something this beautiful wants to be full-screen anyway. But also it doesn’t save its full-screen-ness, so every time it starts it starts as a bare quarter of its available space.

Still – what a lovely game! I look forward to wasting many hours with it.

Anyway here’s a screenshot of it being too shy to use a whole window.


I'm on a Mac too - this problem fixes itself if you enter full screen then exit back out.