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Pizza Game!

Every boy has a secret. One of them is bones! · By plasterbrain

Is there a way to play an earlier version?

A topic by Eleri Elouie created Mar 09, 2022 Views: 80 Replies: 2
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I ask since the Roobit snack sound effect is really painful to my ears and I can't find a way to opt-out or otherwise disable it.  Unfortunately, I don't know enough to be able to mod it out on my own. I've switched from Steam to hoping I'd be able to download 1.3.0 directly from here, but no dice.



Could you please try downloading the file I just added to the Itch game page labeled “(Patch)” and put it inside the game subfolder (Pizza Game/game/[put the file here])? That should disable snacks from popping up.


Oh my, thank you so much! I can't express how happy I am!