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Anticipating Kenney Studio NXT 0.2.1

A topic by Donni created Apr 05, 2016 Views: 3,194 Replies: 19
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Hello , this topic is about Anticipating features for the new Kenney Studio versions.

All information based on development board , Kenney's Twitter Page , and the Kenney Studio itch.io Community .

This list will be continue being updated as new planned release content is announced by Kenney.

Last Updated: 12/14/16 , 8:40 PM ( eastern time)

  • Homescreen improvements
  • Key shortcuts
  • Close current asset
  • Window resizing
  • Zoom (?)

More details coming soon!

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Just tested Update 0.5 and I can't get the Axonometric Generator working on Mac... Am I doing something wrong? See this: https://vimeo.com/164714527/60becc6c11

Is OS X download link wrong, it unpacks 'kenneyStudio_003.app'? Edit: the app menu shows 'v0.5 (Mac)' so it seems to be correct.

Cheers, PJ


Thanks for sharing that! Indeed seems to be quite a bug, I'll start looking into it today and (hopefully) release a hotfix either today, monday or tuesday.


Version 0.51 is now available, this fixed the axonometric generator on OSX :)

Thanks for the lightning fast reply + fix! ;-)

Works perfectly now, thanks again!

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@Kenney , You mean 0.5.1 ?


Software wouldn't allow me to add another . or a letter, so it's 0.51

I could really use the button template. Any chance to get an early version of it sooner? :)

Very funny :) ! I emailed Kenney asking for the same thing. He emailed back saying that :

[begin quote] The button template isn't ready yet and unfortunately it'll require an update for Kenney Studio (not just the template file), so I'm afraid I can't send it over any earlier. [ end quote ]

Thanks for the update. I found a free online button creator and I will use this one until the update arrives. :)

Some suggestions for the button creator:

Text :

- Color of text

- Size of text

- Font of text

- Checkbox : Shadow for text or no Shadow for text -

If yes , color of Shadow

Button :

- Size of button :

Size Horizontally

Size vertically

- Corners :

How brisk or rounded ( the corner radius ) ( user input number )

- Border :

- Checkbox : Border or no border

- if selected border:

Color of border

Size of border

Checkbox : Border Shadow or no border shadow.

-Color of Button :

Checkbox : Solid Color or Vertical Granite

if Solid Color :

- Choose Color

if Vertical Granite :

- Choose Top Color

- Choose Bottom Color

Design :


- pop out


-normal state

Is there an estimated release date for 0.6?

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Kenney emailed me replying somewhere in June. Since they switch off between projects a lot it hard for them to pin down release dates.

Thanks for the reply!

Your welcome :) .

Updated list with Sprite Creator !


The plan is to have the Sprite Creator replace the current "template function", but only if it's equal or has more features than the current template functions have. The 'Sprite Creator' would allow for saving configurations, which means that in theory people could create templates themselves and share them.

Again, only if the Sprite Creator features the same functions as the old template function.

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I think a better idea is to leave the templates , and just add this new creator, and a sprite creator ( share thing....). That way user could have a taste of both worlds.

Also, its hard to create buttons with this new way.

If I buy the one currently published, will I have a free update when this is released ? I believe you will call the next update Kenney Studio NXT right ? Otherwise it will be worth waiting for that NXT version. I just don't want buy anything now that it will be outdated in a couple weeks with a new brand version. Thanks.


Yes absolutely, Kenney Studio NXT will be the future update for Kenney Studio. All updates are free, so if you purchase now you can still upgrade to NXT once that's released. I hope to release the first prototype of NXT somewhere next week.

Looks amazing! Well done Kenney. Just downloaded the Mac version and it seems to just quit instantly when you open it. No error or anything. I have 'Allow apps downloaded from: Everywhere' enabled so shouldn't be a credentials issue.

Is there a bug report anywhere I could have a look and send over?



Post updated with the new planned release content for KS NXT 0.1.2.


Thanks for doing this! :D

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@Kenney, Your welcome!

@Everyone, Content Just updated with planned release date, more features, and more screenshots.

It should be this week right?

The update is almost done but Kenney give exact dates when it'll be released.

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Kenney confirmed he is back to working on Kenney Studio, at last!

Update coming soon!

New! - Animation Tools

Update Original post.

I think that resizing should be a priority.
Depending on your device resolution and scaling, it makes the application unusable.

As a suggestion for future versions, It would be nice to have control that was touch friendly (Such that it could be used by windows tablet). This brings in an interesting use case of casually doing sprite creation on the couch.