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A 2D sandbox adventure from two Fable devs. · By PixelCount Studios

hey please add this:

A topic by Caroline M. Balkon created Feb 24, 2018 Views: 368
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 I don't mind it if I hadn't play in while it might help Stardew you know with this function to have clean out of their games saves to have something if you had not played like month or or stagnant play to have clear out of your game. <- might be useful function afterall. I can't remember what I did.  Delete your game function would been nice - safe new game?

If there diary in your game might be way to remember if I jot down notes what I did what I still have to do. You can't do that in Stardew??

Autosave for devout players and save everyday -> not sure if that helps players but it might help save rewards if your heading for steams make it for achievements. 

Do you have achievement rewards for Steam yet? I seen your game on there already which good I look forward to day of its release.

I know achievements should be different function entirely but your game is very unique. You think something unique and make for it. I don't need to add my two cents for it. 

plot crops anywhere  even outside your own lot if that available in your game yet? fording a river or remaking it so deeper or making into lake is something I look forward to see in game.  They don't have this function yet in most have hire some contractor guy do most the work I has me thinking why not in game world why not player do it?

Stardew left lot good possible farm capabilities out which kind bother me terraforming -> fish breeding and possible teleportation devices aside.

Is that still possible to make it better than stardew...I hope to see animal poop too and use for more than pranks and just do know fertilizer has either sit or be grinded up and put into food rot pile in order for it be any good...let sit for week and raises it natural soil texture otherwise it just be molten death for plants. you could add ash, animal poop, organic waste to make it organic soil? 

Just quick tip for person who needed information on fertilizer ideas...twigs you might need to burn them before they be any use to plants. I know this because, twigs in general there are two types of oak in world, one that blue type fungus eats top of trees, brown-red fungus eats root and there sap version that goes through out tree if you want that information its on internet. I had backtrack real quick make certain black existed or not and I was corrected it called brown and red...just give it more reality checking for you.