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Some early feedback

A topic by Tchey created Feb 22, 2018 Views: 209 Replies: 3
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I didn't play much yet, but here are my very first impressions. I will give more after more play time.

a/ The game runs good on Linux, no related issue so far, thanks for the support.

b/ Without any guidance, i immediately felt very attracted by the first level. What is it, what to do, how does it work ? And it was very easy to get the main point, just clicking and moving around. I guess many people will ask for a tutorial, but i think it fit the game NOT to have one.

c/ I think the game should/could be fully playable with mouse. Now i have to use too many keys for not many use, all could be fused together into just arrows and clicks, or just click.

d/ i don't have a qwerty keyboard, glad i could rebind all the keys or it would have been unplayable. I didn't try the pad yet, i have a XboxOne under some dust.

e/ i like the settings, it's kind of mysterious and techy...


Thank you for feedback. We have a lot of work to do and this is very inspiring!

Alright, level 15, and played with the pad.

I start to have difficulties. Before level 11-12 maybe, it was only a matter of "going", now i actually need to think first, and it's good.

It's easier than keyboard, indeed, but why ? The confusing part is about the different keys to move, and to select direction of activated nodes. Why is it not simply the same up/donw/left/right instead of a/b/x/y ? Worst with keyboard, where i need 2 or even 3 different blocks of 4 keys (like wasd, arrows, jklm...). Also the camera not being straight north/south... doesn't help. Not untuitive at all, and confusing, even if you can *learn*, it could also be easier, more obvious, i think.

The hacking part is weird at first, for the same reason, but it becomes a little easier with some practice. I would expect to move over the tile i want to move, confirm, then move, all with 5 buttons/keys maximum, not 8. Same with mouse, just "click the tile", then drag or click on destination.

I'd like to undo last action, instead of reset the full level.

I do like the game so far !

Developer (1 edit)

I think, it's all because the game initially designed for gamepad. While the control with gamepad is good (in my opinion), it really may require some additional work for keyboard controls. We will look into it after the other major stuff will be finished. Also you can select node actions/ directions with the mouse now. So, you only need wasd for moving and additional arrow keys for hacking.