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Clickteam Ball Physics

A topic by VirgonianGalaxy created Feb 22, 2018 Views: 177 Replies: 3
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One problem with Clickteams bouncing ball physics is that it is both random and not 'physics based' as well as the ball just fly the opposite direction than what is supposed to. If you plan on fixing this up, you should try and make your own ball physics which would take less than five minutes to really do.

I just assumed that you were using Clickteam due to when playing the game fullscreen it shows the Clickteam 'watermark' (if you can even call it that)  at the bottom although if you aren't using Clickteam and I am completely wrong,  you should still fix up the ball physics so it stops bouncing in unexpected ways.

Also another problem with this is that the computer 'paddle' seems impossible to beat, I know that is the point but let me explain. The paddle seems to be following the balls y position constantly which is bad game design, instead you should try programming a small bit of A.I which makes it seem more human such as moving faster as the ball draws closer etc. This can still make it incredibly hard to beat but also make it actually seem beatable at the same time, I hope I am a bit of help and I wish you luck with all future projects :D

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you very much for your feedback, but for now, this was just a little project, it was nothing big to expect, it was just about having an incredible hard version of pong, and if I have enough time, I will definetly change this, but I'm not so good at programming some custom AI, so, you probably can't expect this, but I'll do my best to fix it.

Said that I'm a very young student who just wants to make some cool games, more like an exercise for the future, and I appreciate your good ideas but for now, I can just tell you to try some of my other games, that are way more advanced.

I can only say "Thank you!".

And: The game is not fully "unbeatable", other people got it after about two or three hours of trying.


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