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Ravenfield (Beta 5)

Walk upon the Ravenfield with your BLUE allies! · By SteelRaven7

HUGE Ravenfield GIVEAWAY | FREE Steam Keys!

A topic by The Hard Croc created Feb 20, 2018 Views: 9,703 Replies: 55
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i wanna get a key


This game looks really good so I really want to get a key.

gimme a key pls

gimme pls

need a key plss


key pls

I want a key

can you give it to me



(1 edit)

I want free steam keys please, can you provide me ?


1 for me pls

Give me please

Hey iam a mod maker of ravenfield but i still doesnt have ravenfield. so,can you give me the key please??

as a proof (sorry for my bad english)

i need ravenfield to test my mod....

this is the link of my mod,sorry if there is a few bug cause i am never test it

Ravenfield is a very interesting game so it can be awesome if you provide me a copy of the game...

I want a key pls

I want a key so bad :) plz give me one :)

yeah a key would be nice. slide me one or not idc

Can i have one please its my dream to have this game on steam ;-;

Yes please. Would love it.

i'd like one plz

key pls

May I?

I really like this game

A key would be nice

yeah please one fore me :)

key pls

Can I have a key also please?


i have a youtube channel and this might generate some views,so ca i have a key please?


Gimme the key or my dog gets it

can I have a key

Can I pls have a key. I have played it before and I really enjoyed it

me plz and ty

i want steam key pls

i want a key cuz i played the beta and it was really fun

I cant a key too.

Heyy i want a key pleasee

can I have a key?

Can I have a key pleeeease? 

my man i played your game since it came out pleaaaaase gimme a key

Are we trying to get a key?


Why the free keys? Won't you earn more money if you don't hand them out?

Not complaining or anything, just wondering why your doing this.

key? sounds legit.


Almost certainly missed my chance, but can I get a key?

Last weekend I played the BETA game and really enjoyed it. I would be happy to get a key if they are still being given out.

please ive been playing the beta 3 for so long I wanna try the new one please please please please please lol sorr im just really excited 

lol i wanna key to o said the 8 year old hey cool its probably fake

Can I have a key please?

Thanks so much!

Cab I have a Key

i need key