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Keyboard Kommander

Your keyboard is the weapon to save the world from the Orthographimancer! · By keyboardkommander, Chris Dougherty, Germlord, cloudhero

Thoughts after Play-through.

A topic by nextRealityGames created Feb 20, 2018 Views: 138 Replies: 1
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+There's alot of oomph that makes typing feel "poweful"

+Triggering the bomb drop when I'm in a sticky situation is super satisfying.

+It's visually pretty polished.


-You did about the same thing in each level, gameplay variety between levels could be improved. Maybe the zombies could all come from one direction in one level. Maybe have bomb zombies in one level that you target to give splash damage 

-Some upgrades didn't feel like they did anything. I'd like to have some bigger upgrades that you have to save up for and are super apparent upgrade. (Like unlocking grenades or something).

Overall, it's alot of fun, and a few changes could make it even better.


Thanks for your feedback. There's a lot of great improvements in the works.