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Blockworks, a difficult minimalist platform-puzzle

A topic by Pedro PSI created Feb 19, 2018 Views: 70 Replies: 1
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About Blockworks

Place the blue X Block at the goal (white arrow). Take advantage of auxiliary Blocks by thinking creatively and acting timely. Otherwise Kites, Replicators and Absorber Blocks will only hinder you! 8 levels only comprise this minimalist platform-puzzle. Enjoy & Good luck!


A level from Blockworks showcasing Absorber blocks, and the inaccessible  X Block at the top.

How to play

Control your avatar with the arrow keys. Press X or spacebar on top of a Block to pick it, press again to drop it.  Press R to restart the level.


Programming & Design: Pedro PSI

Music: Nowhere land by Kevin McLeod

Made with Puzzlescript

And here's the trailer!