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Massive help for python

A topic by GuyOnDR0G created Feb 18, 2018 Views: 153 Replies: 3
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I am using notepad++ and i want to convert a .py file to a .exe so it can run on any computer. Please, help! I don't know if i have to get the download from, if that may be the problem. This is a main help for when I am downloading my games.


There are tools like  py2exe or PyInstaller, but they're all old and unmaintained. You'll need a runtime installed for them to work, of course, but since you're making a game in Python don't you already have one?

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This is a noob speaking, but according to this page, the latest PyInstaller release was on December 15 last year. In that case, I wouldn't call it unmaintained. I'm using it to package my current Pygame project and so far it has been very convenient to use, even finding my dynamic Python imports and custom C library without much trouble. The C library did fail to load on one test machine, but I suspect that the culprit there is the paranoid antivirus software.

That is most likley correct.