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Terrible .zip break.

A topic by GuyOnDR0G created Feb 16, 2018 Views: 84 Replies: 2
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I downloaded 3 games, because i found them neat. I played them all once before I hit the hay, and they ran fine. Now, they don't start and it gives me an error message saying: Data - Folder not found. Details: 

There should be 'TomatoTown_Data'
folder next to the executable 

i re-downloaded my favorite one, ravenfield, and it ran smoothly. I still need help for if this happens again.


You might want to ask in the comments/community of the respective games. And are you using the app, or downloading directly?


It sounds like you're running a unity game but don't have the data folder next to the executable. If you downloaded a zip then you need to make sure you fully extract the game, do not try to run the game from the zip folder. To keep things easy, we recommend everyone to download and run games through our app: It takes care of all of that for you