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Fairly Nude

Fairly Nude is a hardcore platformer with some elements of comedy, that relies heavily on quick reactions and timing · By Arian Behfar

Gameplay videos Sticky

A topic by Arian Behfar created Feb 15, 2018 Views: 484 Replies: 8
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If you have taken the time to play Fairly Nude, and you have made a gameplay video, post it below!


So gave it a shot, congrats your game has made me rage so hard, and I played a lot of rage games, this one in particular made my blood boil! xD but I had fun, it wasn't bad! haha I mean aside from me raging I am sure someone else can two piece this game, plus the music, I am a music man, so it works out! :D thank you for giving the chance for me to play!

Haha, super fun video! Your dancing is on point xD

Thanks so much for taking the time to not only play the game, but also upload a video! It means a lot!

I held off until I got both parts done, also didn't realize this was a year old already (lol)

First half went by with relative ease, a few moments of frustration

Second half... uh, I can remain relatively calm and collected but holy shit.

Overall loved it.

Thanks a lot! And I really appreciate that you finished the whole game haha well done! Yeah, at first when I saw the notification, i thought it was for a game I just published a couple of weeks ago, and then realised that wow it's Fairly Nude haha

Thanks again!

I'll check out your other game as well! Fairly Nude deserves MORE LOVE though! 


Haha I appreciate it!


*wiggle wiggle wiggle*


This video was hilarious, and caught me off guard that someone made a video on it (subscribed to u). Thanks for taking the time to play!

This was the first game I published btw, so... It's kinda crap haha, if you like fast paced stuff I would love for u to try my latest game (i don't mean for youtube fyi haha)