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Starborne: Sovereign Space - Free-to-play SciFi MMORTS for PC

A topic by Solid Clouds created Feb 12, 2018 Views: 433 Replies: 12
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What is Starborne?

Starborne is the definitive MMORTS for PC. Play for free alongside thousands of other players and grow your empire as you conquer distant galaxies. Will your name stand the test of time, or forever fade away into the dark?

Core Features

  • Define your Playstyle: Command fleets on the frontlines, sabotage enemies through covert operations or become the industrial backbone of your alliance.
  • Massive Scale: Explore, settle and conquer a seamless galaxy map containing over 1 million hexes.
  • Empire Management: Gather resources, upgrade buildings and construct ships to secure your borders.
  • Deep Customization: Collect over 200 cards to enhance your fleets, outposts and space stations, each granting unique bonuses.
  • PvP in Space: Take part in epic cross-map Alliance vs. Alliance battles.
  • Cross Platform: Play Starborne on the go with the companion app for Android.

Early Access

While Starborne is still in the early stages of development, we're conducting regular test games to gather feedback from the community. The next alpha test starts in June 2018, so make sure to follow us to receive development updates and secure a spot!

Join the Community!


HUD Mockup

The HUD received a facelift to both increase readability and make it more consistent with our other panels. In addition to making room for our new systems, It should also perform better when there is more information to display.

We’re particularly excited about the highly requested time based construction queue, which will allow you to order a construction even if you don’t have the required resources yet. Items in the queue can also be rearranged if they haven’t begun construction.


Events received a major overhaul following community feedback, and they no longer require you to send fleets to complete them. Instead, you can review their status in a new panel and complete them instantly as soon as they become available.

While Events still serve to gate progress and ensure power players don’t snowball out of control, the new system should feel significantly less cumbersome and allow you to focus on other parts of the game. The drop rates of Commodity Cards have also been streamlined and resulting in a more consistent inventory over the course of the game.

Daily Challenges

Continuing on the note of reducing time requirements, Alpha 8 will see the introduction of daily challenges. These are objectives tailored to your playstyle, and will allow you to stay competitive with shorter, more focused play sessions. The goal was to give players most of the resources they need for the day in one or two play sessions instead of having efficiency scale linearly with time.

Challenges function similarly to events, in that you will receive the rewards if the timer runs out even if you did not complete the challenge. You won’t be able to receive all of the daily rewards this way, however. There’s also the option to swap out challenges if you feel you have a better chance completing another one.

Black Holes

We’ve been trying out some new effects for the black hole, and they’re coming together nicely. While not tied to any specific game mechanic as of yet, we’re planning to add various landmarks to the map to give it more life and make navigation easier.

Solar Flares

Another change to the map contains visual tweaks to celestial bodies. We've added a flare effect to the suns and adjusted their brightness levels when moving the camera up close. Screenshots should look much better now, especially with the adjusted camera angle.

New Cards

Stealth Systems, Drone Swarm, Minefield and Antimatter Torpedo will make their first appearance in the next alpha test, which is slated to start in around 2 months. Stay tuned!


This game looks really beautiful. Are you going to be using itch.io to do your alpha? If so we'd be glad to chat more to make sure you have everything you need set up to get it going.

Thanks for the kinds words! We're planning to make the pre-alpha build available here soon and if all goes well we'd like to do the same for the proper alpha test. I'm pretty new to itch.io so I'd appreciate any tips to make sure the game runs properly. My mail is kai@solidclouds.com.

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Commander Levels

Note: This is a mockup of the layout and subject to change.

Commander Levels are abilities you can unlock as you level up your Commander, and the primary way to specialize your role in Starborne. The panel consists of three mutually exclusive trees, each containing two distinct specializations. These upgrades also change the look and functions of your ships!



The Vanguard gains access to powerful upgrades for attack ships and enhances your empire's offensive operations. You can also construct the Carrier, a fast capital ship suited for large-scale attacks.


The Bomber uses Gunship fleets to damage or outright destroy enemy stations, giving your alliance the opportunity to expand into enemy territory.



Sentinels aid their alliance by conducting espionage, feeding false information to the enemy and launching fake attacks to divert defenders from the real target.


The Saboteur specializes in crippling enemy fortifications to disable defenses and prevent movement shortly before the combat fleets make contact. Thanks to the Recon ship's high movement speed, Saboteurs can also launch small-scale raids on vulnerable enemy targets. 



Tasked with protecting the frontlines, the Guardian gains bonuses to defensive ships, deployment speed to allies as well as access to the Dreadnought, the most powerful capital ship in the game.


As the industrial backbone your alliance, the Magnate supplies allies with ships and resources to fuel the gears of war. Their massive industrial fleets also enable them to construct superstructures and boost allied outposts to enhance their efficiency.

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Ship Variations

On top of granting powerful upgrades, some abilities also change the look of your ships! Each vessel received two new variations, which will be revealed in the next post.

Captain Avatars

Due to popular demand, we've also added variations to all existing Captain avatars. The differences are purely cosmetic and serve to customize your fleets even further. Similarly to Commander Avatars, you can unlock them as you progress in the game.

Bug of the Week

BananaPower was highly disappointed when he found out that he is in fact not the owner of this sector.

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Light Ships in Starborne

As alluded to in the previous post, each ship received two mutually exclusive modifications which can be unlocked via Commander Abilities. These new ships not only look different, but also grant specialized bonuses. Take a look!


Classic Modification (L)

The standard Corvette is available from the start, but provides no bonuses.

Stingray Modification (M)

Maximizing firepower over everything else, the Stingray is designed to meet the opponent head on and come out victorious.

Harpy Modification (R)

With bonuses to speed and cargo space, this utility craft is both effective in raids and able to assist Industrials on build operations.

Patrol Ship

Classic Modification (L)

The standard Patrol Ship is available from the start, but provides no bonuses.

Albacore Modification (M)

The Albacore gains major bonuses to the already formidable combat stats of the Patrol Ship, rendering this ship lethal on defense.

Griffin Modification (R)

This utility craft makes up for its lower combat capabilities with minimal construction costs and major bonuses when running missions.


Classic Modification (L)

The standard Scout is available from the start, but provides no bonuses.

Narwhal Modification (M)

Fast and stealthy, the Narwhal is extremely effective at sabotaging enemy installations of any type, bypassing all but the highest levels of surveillance.

Stargazer Modification (R)

The Stargazer is best suited for surveillance operations, receiving bonuses to both scanning and sabotage defense.

Heavy Ships in Starborne

Heavy ships, while more expensive to build, pack quite a punch and form the core in most mid-game armadas. Unlike the light ships which can be built in any shipyard, the heavy ships require a specialized assembly and careful planning to gain the most use out of them.


Classic Modification (L)

The standard Destroyer is available after constructing the Heavy Ship Assembly, but provides no bonuses.

Swordfish Modification (M)

An almost pure damage upgrade makes this ship the ideal vanguard of any offensive armada, and fares best when supported by other light ships.

Pegasus Modification (R)

Sacrificing firepower for speed, the Pegasus can strike unprepared targets and return safely before any reinforcements arrive.


Classic Modification (L)

The standard Frigate is available after constructing the Heavy Ship Assembly, but provides no bonuses.

Grenadier Modification (M)

Rather than increasing survivability, the Grenadier focuses on the outright destruction of would-be attackers.

Golem Modification (R)

This robust yet mobile Frigate modification can efficiently hold the line and quickly redeploy to support distant allies as well.


Classic Modification (L)

The standard Gunship is available after constructing the Heavy Ship Assembly, but provides no bonuses.

Barreleye Modification (M)

Major bonuses to bombing damage enable this ship to cause massive damage to enemy installations. If you really want a station gone, the Barreleye will do the job.

Manticore Modification (R)

Favoring precision over raw power, the Manticore is ideal for long range bombing runs into enemy territory to cripple vital targets.

Capital Ships in Starborne

Capital ships are the pride of and joy of an armada and a well placed fleet can turn the tide of any battle. They are however prohibitively expensive and difficult to build - Commanders investing heavily into these ships will have difficulties recovering from a defeat.


Classic Modification (L)

The standard Carrier is available after constructing the Capital Ship Assembly, but provides no bonuses.

Barracuda Modification (M)

The Barracuda overpowers opponents with raw damage and has the speed to match other offensive craft, resulting in both faster and deadlier attacks.

Basilisk Modification (R)

Shield upgrades allow this ship to support allied ships on the offense and increase their survivability while still commanding respectable firepower.


Classic Modification (L)

The standard Dreadnought is available after constructing the Capital Ship Assembly, but provides no bonuses.

Megalodon Modification (M)

Upgrades to the ship’s defense systems make this the single most powerful unit in the game, guaranteeing heavy casualties for any opponent.

Gorgon Modification (R)

The Gorgon amps up the already impressive defense of the Dreadnought and enables it to absorb damage from less protected ships as well.

A New Challenger Appears!

In addition to the ship modifications shown above, Alpha 8 will also see the appearance of a new ship: The Recon. This is the heavy ship variant of the Scout and grants Subterfuge players a much needed boost on the tactical level.

We’re really happy to finally see the IR-2 in the game as it was one of the first ship concepts for Starborne.

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Floating In A Tin Can

We’ve updated all movements and you can now see ships flying around the map!


Resource Fields being harvested will now display mining activity as well. Mining Drones aren’t in yet so we’re using Patrol Ships as placeholders.

We’ve also received a few questions regarding the size of the different ships, so our artists have put together this comprehensive ship size chart! Space banana for scale.

Game Overview

We’ve added a new Game Overview tab allowing you to see the state of the game at a glance. Additionally, navigation of the rankings, alliances and player profiles has been streamlined and all of the relevant information is now shown in one unified panel.


The Achievements panel has been overhauled to bring it in line with our UI redesign. Achievement stages are now always visible even if you are not actively making progress towards it.

New Cards

ESA Permit, Command Overhaul, Sensor Overload and Reactive Armor are coming to Alpha 8!

Combat Animations

Since we now have ships on the map, the next step will be adding combat animations which will show battle progress in real time.

Dyson Spheres

Dyson Spheres are Superstructures found in the center of each sector. They’re first encountered in an incomplete state, and it’s a race between confederacies to finish their construction.

WIP Model

The first iteration of the model is also in the game already!