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Lighthouse - dark adventure free game

A topic by SzynalM created Feb 07, 2018 Views: 111 Replies: 5
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Hey, check out our creepy adventure game! It's called Lighthouse and features some logical elements placed in a dark, unfriendly atmosphere.

It was made as a university project on the Unity engine, some people have already downloaded it and left very useful feedback, which guided us on how to make it better. In fact, it's just been updated! It's definitely more playable now, that's why we'd like some more people to check it out and let us know what they think!

Here's the link to the game. Hope you like it and leave feedback for projects to come! Thank you in advance for checking it out ;)

Have fun!

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Are you requiring 32 or 64 bit?  If not this didn't run at all in a 32 bit environment!!!


the build was in fact 64bit only, we've added a 32 bit version to the page, check it out and let us know.


Also, I could've downloaded this for Linux. But there is no indication of a download for Linux 32/64bit wise.  But its on the page as if one can download a Linux or Mac version...


Don't forget to add screenshots to your project page.