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Bank Breaker

A topic by zarrex created Feb 07, 2018 Views: 104 Replies: 3
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This is my first project on It is my first game i ever made.

Inspired by an old 8-bit game i made this little Breakout-Clone written in GameMakerStudio 1.
Please be lenient with me. I'm not a graphic or sound artist and i made all graphics and the vocal sounds by myself.

It is nearly completed now. A demo-version with 5 levels can be downloaded for free here:

Are you running a 64-bit version?  I could not run it on my 32-bit machine...

No, it's not a 64-bit version. It should run on 32-bit windows. Is there any error message when you try to start it?

Well, nothing to worry about.  I'm using my old XP pro version thru a VM.  However, other games have run great thru it in the past when their not system intensive.