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Linux Air Combat

Free Flight Simulator for LINUX with more than 50 WW2 Aircraft · By bbosen

Welcome to Linux Air Combat!

A topic by bbosen created Feb 07, 2018 Views: 450 Replies: 5
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I hope you enjoy this free, open-source, combat flight simulator for LINUX. Derived from the classic "gl-117" after an extensive re-write, LAC has been a labor of love for me. I'm new to but it seems like a great way to support a new "LAC Forum", so this is my attempt to establish one. I will try to be diligent and energetic about answering queries here!


Recently I published a new YouTube video clip themed on "Basic Flight Training with Linux Air Combat". It's short, but it will give you the simplest of introductions to LAC for beginners. Here it is....

Hi there, I received a crash on launch running Elementary OS Juno, is this just a dead project?


Linux Air Combat is a very active development project, and since the last update on the release version number has advanced from 6.13 all the way up to 7.64. A Google search or a YouTube search will lead you directly to the main web page for this project. (Search for "Linux Air Combat" or just for "Free, Open-source combat flight sim for LINUX".)

I am sorry to hear of your troubles. During the past few months, many important sectors of the desktop LINUX community have migrated to newer compilers and newer function libraries affecting LAC. The newer versions of LAC are compatible with these changes and it is likely that you will have better compatibility with the newest version. When your desktop version of LINUX uses different generations of the underlying library files compared with the desktop LINUX used to compile it, it is necessary for you to compile LAC on your own machine (which will link with the library files that you use). I hope your experience compiling LAC is as easy as it has been for hundreds of others.

Hello, thanks for the response. Could you provide a link to a page that has a version you are talking about? 


SD Mattos: You asked "Could you provide a link to a page that has a version you are talking about?" Here ya go: