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Fellowplayers forum, record your games development for YouTube.

A topic by Fellowplayer created Feb 06, 2018 Views: 244 Replies: 11
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Hello Everyone,

I am devoted to playing your games and others recommended to me, whether they be indie games or AAA I am open to playing anything fun. If you have developed a game ready to play send me a link, I welcome all types of games from any genre, what's important is you have the passion.

Send me a comment if you are interested, I look forward to hearing from you all.

Youtuber: FellowPlayer

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I have two games that could be of interest:

Flex Armstrong (Play as an iron-pumping hyper-hero)

Optical Ball (brick-breaker mashed up with other games)

Thank you very much, I will get right on it.

Hi Fellowplayer. I am interested in this :) here is a link to my game on steam

Thanks for the link, I will check it out on steam now.

I'd love for you to play this game if you want:


Thank you, I will take a look now.

We are AweKteaM and we have our First Alpha , can you give a try and if you like maybe you can do a gameplay giving  us your opinion ?

Thanks for your time.


Hey there, yes I recognise this game from the Gamejolt site, its been added to my plays so I was planning to get this one anyway :P

Thanks , we will be  excited waiting for it .

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