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Waifu High [Demo]

A topic by Waifu_High_Dev created Mar 28, 2016 Views: 352
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We are a small indie studio, formed by three university students, who has developed a visual novel/dating sim hybrid game demo.

We recently launched our game in Steam Greenlight.

Waifu High is a game that was created to offer a humorous perspective into the visual novel/ dating sim genre.


  • Animated 3D Main Characters using Live 2D
  • Side-quests with a plethora of quirky characters
  • Two Storylines to follow and explore, each with its own flavor.
  • An in-depth stats system that changes the protagonist's interaction with the environment.
  • Experience the life of a high school student who goes to class, works and travels through a city filled with detail and characters.
  • Humorous events derived from pop culture and gaming references.
  • Play through anime tropes.
  • Secret events…

If you are interested, follow the provided link :

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards,

Waifu High Development Team