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How to makes Games, comics and more

A topic by Anonymus069 created Feb 04, 2018 Views: 256 Replies: 8
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hi guys, I want to know about how to making comics, games. there is a program? i know how to create a project and adjust it a little. but how it works? please answer. I am from Greece and I do not know English Thanks to the translation read and see


Of course there are programs for it. But it depends. What kind of games do you want to make? And to make comics you must know how to draw, even with a program helping you.

Thanks. I have not thought about games but generally you can do it as you imagine? Super!!! 

 tell me in general where can I find the programs all, for all kinds.. is also done from the play store different applications?

i am from phone. is done normally?

FireAlpaca for comics.

Big list of game making software:

thanks, but I want to find a program to make anime comics, I can also make cartoons, answer the above questions too. after I create it how do I transfer it?

Free use Kitra

Or inkscape
Paid use Manga Studio Pro


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I want to knowhow is it going to be transported in the