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P100 Bugs and Suggestions

A topic by kensands created Mar 26, 2016 Views: 253 Replies: 9
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Bugs First, it's pretty solid for an early release but I noted these:

1. Factory 4 seems to have a performance issue, on my okayish laptop every other level ran close enough to 60fps that it played great, factory 4 is unplayable, 2-3 fps at best, I had to quit. which brings me to...

2. Esc doesn't work during the death sequence, you cant bring up the menu to quit or restart when your dead, unfortunately for me on factory 4 running so slow that meant waiting a long time before I could quit!

3. Mouse cursor is visible on full screen, not a big one but nice to hide that cursor.

4. On the menu screen if you're gonna make it so the mouse over selects an option then you need to not have the option the keyboard is on still selected, it's confusing. ie go to level select, the top level is highlighted, now mouse over any other level, now you have two highlighted levels!


1. More thrust! It often frustrates rather than rewards due to the low thrust, you see the bullet that is going to hit way before it does but you have no tools to avoid it. in the same way when going fast a corner appears and even at full thrust there is no way to slow down in time. it means that level become more of a memory game than skilled reaction. perhaps have an option slider for thrust, and get feedback on what players enjoy the most so you know where to go for as a default?

2. The levels don't reset... in a way it's good because a lot of levels are different every time due to this, when you die you respawn but the timing of the fans or the bullets are not reset. the downside is that your careful planning to make perfect sweeping runs work so well is thrown out unless the player goes to restart every time... wait I didn't suggest anything... okay have an option to reset levels on death so the player has the choice.

3. Man those f1 tracks are dull, I like the idea of tracks but they are long! and along with the thrust issue, when going down (gravity assist) stopping in time means knowing when the corner is there rather than seeing it in time, maybe it just needs to zoom out a little more?

Looking nice for an initial release though, it's frustrating, but still fun.

is this where I add swearing? I don't swear... err.... Bum.


Hi Ken. First of all thanks for your detailed feedback. Glad these few things didn't prevent you from enjoying the game as it stands. "Frustrating but fun" is pretty much what I want on the box ;-)

To address your points then:

Bug 1: Performance in Factory4 level. This is top of my list of things to address in the first update. I knew that the performance in that level was worse than all the others due to the large number of small objects in the acid-drips section. I don't observe the problem to the extent you experienced, but I know there is an issue. Without those drips the performance is comparable to the other levels. I have some ideas on how to fix it without significantly changing the nature of the level design, but one way or another I will be posting an update soon.

Bug 2: Pause menu not available when dead. Again I'm aware of this problem. It's an easy thing to fix. It was actually somewhat by design, as I didn't want people to rage-quit as soon as they crashed. If they wanted to quit they would have to do so during active gameplay. That was probably a stupid choice on my part, and is definitely inconvenient for the player. Will be changed in the next update.

Bugs 3 and 4: Mouse related. Mouse input should be disabled completely. Simple oversight on my part and will fix in next update.

Suggestion 1: More thrust. Interesting that you said that, because it's something I couldn't decide about. Increasing the thrust sounds like a good idea, but I found it becomes hard to control in tight situations like the central slalom in Switcheroo or the falling stalactite gap in Spelunchre. That then makes you increase the overall scale of the levels to compensate, and that effectively negates the increase in thrust. That's not to say I shouldn't revisit the ship dynamics again before the next update. This could be a player option of course: a ship selection screen has been a possibility from the start. You could have a powerful ship that doesn't rotate as fast, or a low-drag ship with a weaker engine, etc.

Suggestion 2: Fully resetting levels. This has been a tricky design question all along. The way the levels are set up means I can mark objects that should be repositioned when the player respawns. This is used in e.g. Switcheroo where the switchable doors and plunger have to reset otherwise the level wouldn't be playable after the first attempt. However, it isn't currently used unless it has to be. This is probably the wrong choice for some objects. Any obstacle where you have to wait for the right timing to pass, or where your path significantly diverges depending on when you arrive, should probably also reset. I do think that things like bullet and water-drip timings still should not reset though, so that not every run is absolutely identical. Those bits of randomness are challenges the player should be able to respond to dynamically.

Incidentally, another planned feature is also dependent on a more deterministic approach to large obstacles, and that's "ghosts" of the player's best run. It wouldn't make much sense to have the ghost e.g. zipping right through obstacles that weren't in the same position during the run when the best time was set. That wouldn't be so bad if the ghost went through a water drip, but going through a whole turbine blade or crusher would just look bad.

Suggestion 3: I think the race style tracks have a place in the game, but maybe not at such length, and maybe only as "bonus" levels. The Melbourne track is probably about right at 40s or so, and the width of the track gives you more opportunity to get some flow while still risking a crash. The others are overlong. In fact the Sepang track is to scale, based on the real track and the size of the player ship. It's not a priority for now, but I'll probably try rescaling them all to be at the same scale as Melbourne in an update and see if that works better. I also considered adding speed-up pads (like Wipeout) to make things more interesting. If they never get to be very interesting then I'll drop them in favour of other designs.

Once again, thanks for playing and, most of all, your input. Cheers, Barry.

Happy to help, one day I'll make something better than my game about ramming poles through pigs and I'll expect the same.


BETTER than ramming poles through pigs? Who do you think you are, Jon Blow?

You know nothing jon blow.... *tumbleweed*

System specs of this laptop which seems a good test bed since all is playable except factory4:

AMD A8 3500 + AMD 6620G (one of those dual graphics things) it's more game suited than an average laptop but not some crazy alien type thing that will melt through your legs.



2DMARK 227

3DMARD 920

The other pc is an i7 beasty with a proper graphics card (its the vr machine), hopefully irrelevant, if thrunt has performance issues on that then you've got something really wrong in there.

When you finally fall to the onslaught of pigs, a poorly played and recorded rendition of dualing banjos kicks in as it shows the pig that took you down.... poling... you. I was proud of that bit.

Switcheroo... so hard! it took about 100 goes and even then the time is 1.29 It was the target of 1.09 when I got to the chain lift switch. of those 100 goes only 3 times have I got through the big plunger.


He he, the plunger is a pretty tight fit. It's one of very few things in the game I can't now do every time, even after testing for hours.

I've actually been considering whether to introduce an "easy" mode. Like, the same levels but with some of the obstacles removed and some timings changed to make it a bit more accessible. If you've played Super Meat Boy you'll know about the "dark" levels. Same idea. I think some of my designs are maybe a bit too "dark" as standard, but I don't want to remove the challenge for better players.

Well, congratulations! It took me a good 20 or more tries just to not get whacked in the backside by the first switch...

Factory 4 is now playable, still a bit choppy on this laptop though, shoppy enough that I feel like I'm being cheated out of the physics going round the chomper bend.

Which leads me to... Are the physics or timing engines a bit fps limited? I ask because on factory 4 where it is a bit choppy I stopped to have some breakfast leaving it in a loop of ship dropping to the floor death. noted that the clock was stopping for a time of death differently each time 2.28, 2.32, 2.24 not a big difference but it just made me question if anything below a smooth 60fps would put the player at more of a disadvantage than just the screen update speed itself?