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TurnipEngine 1.0 Sticky

A topic by LukanSpellweaver created Feb 02, 2018 Views: 70 Replies: 1
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Hey-o, Homesteadians!
First, welcome to the new message board for Homestead!
I hope having a more direct line to the community will be beneficial to development going forward.

Second, the TurnipEngine has been released for Homestead, adding full macOS and Debian Linux support!
If you find any bugs, please refer to the bug topic for this release!

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OKAY, The mac app is unsigned, meaning that it will only run on certain versions of macOS.

Versions known to work ar El Capitan and Yosemite.
It should work on aanything newer than Snow Leopard though.

Due to a change in macOS in Sierra, it isn't possible to run the game on Sierra or newer. I apologise for this, and it will be fixed in the future.