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A topic by HoneyFun created Jan 29, 2018 Views: 138
This topic was locked by HoneyFun Jan 29, 2018
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Here is the roadmap for Cube Capture.


YouTube Boss Fights - Fight with powerful, charged cupoo- and laser-shooting- YouTube bots!

The Frozen Forest - A slippery, snowy area filled with surprises.

The Cubritory - A place where a mad scientist could live in.

Charged Cupoos - In the Cubritory, you will be able to Charge those Cupoos with a Cupoo Charger that requires blueprints (obtained from YouTube boss fights) and electricity.


The Mirage Mountains - Nobody can see how amazing this mountain range is.

Invisible Cube - Refractive, active, and invisible.

Sub-areas in the Mirage Mountains, eg. the Venemous Volcano


Adding the Corrupted Core, this update will allow you to go deep inside the world of Okalamoka and see what's down there...

Other Cubes - I'm not telling any more Cubes that will be added.

Note: There might be a bunch of updated in between all of these updates adding random stuff and fixing bugs and stuff

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