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Awen (Early Access)

Procedural Tabletop Fantasy Setting Builder 路 By LeviKornelsen

Playtest Alpha, Thread 3: Boundaries

A topic by LeviKornelsen created Jan 18, 2022 Views: 63 Replies: 4
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Most safety tools are written with a kind of implicit assumption of real-time play, and we're not doing that, so here's our primary thing.   If there's anything you really don't want to see in the setting, post it here in this thread.  If it's posted here, don't put it in.

Here's my own list:

  • Chattel slavery is a no-go; it's not ultimately interesting or fun at all.  Things like hostage-taking, ransoms, and the like, those are potentially interesting issues, but slavery is a boring form for evil to take.
  • Philosophies of racial/kith supremacy as distinctive bits of a cult, culture, or whatever are likewise dull as hell.  Cultural supremacy, coming from a culture shouting "Our way of life is best", that's potentially interesting, but "Let's remake the racism of reality" always feels like a failure of imagination to me.
  • Cultures or cults that treat sexual violence (not including kink, mind) or child abuse as acceptable are just *squick;* why would I want to play with or work on a setting with that in?  So no.

If your list has other things, or would tighten up any of mine (like, add hostage taking to the no-go list), say so here!   Or let me know to add them privately!  As you prefer!

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I don鈥檛 want bug people. I agree with yours.

Ditto. 馃槄

Definitely no-go on the bug people. Thanks for mentioning!

These seem like good boundaries to me.