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LOST EONS Core Books

Solarpunk sci-fantasy mashup of BitD and 24XX in a post-post apocalypse world. · By David Blandy, laurieoconnel

Conditions Question

A topic by TacoGrace created Jan 10, 2022 Views: 192 Replies: 6
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The scrapper's Called Shot ability aswell as many enemies apply conditions (such as grappled, blinded, disarmed), though i cant find anything in either of the books about what these do. Have i just missed a piece of detail, or is the GM or table supposed to come up with what the conditions do themselves?


Thanks for playing Lost Eons! Yes, coming from an FKR mindset I wanted to leave the exact meanings of the conditions to the GM, as they will best understand the situation at hand. But my rulings in general would be- 

Grappled- Can’t move until use an action to free themselves in test of Muscle vs Opponent, Soul Dice becomes d4 while grappled. 

Blinded- Counts as Dazed Condition, so Soul Dice becomes d4, disadvantage on actions that require sight. 

Disarmed- lose weapon and any benefits, any attacks and defense rolls are at disadvantage. 

As I say, these are rulings I would use in general, but they could differ in the moment. I hope that answers your question. 

Thanks for the help! this is a good start to base off my own ideas for the conditions! and i'm excited to run lost eons!


ah, I’d love to hear about how it goes! There’s a couple of pocketmods you can use to help run adventures on the fly- Welcome to Brighthelm and Welcome to Mars. 

got it! will update you on how it goes!

Thankfully you'll have a pretty easy time seeing how it went, cause we recorded it 


Wow! Thank you! Can’t wait to watch it through. Hope you had a lot of fun with it.