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Save Splits on MacOS?

A topic by friend_man created Jan 23, 2018 Views: 266 Replies: 8
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After completing a run, I tried clicking on "Save Splits" and nothing happened. I also tried hitting "Save Best Splits" and it saved only the first split. Am I doing something wrong?


Sorry, are there any more details you can give? I just tested with a blank splits file and "Save Splits" as well as "Save Best Splits" worked as expected. There could be something wrong with the file format (I'm just spitballing here) but I'm not sure what could be wrong.

Was this not a first run? Was there other time data put in originally? Just trying to figure out what to look at because 

Upon testing, "Save Splits" did nothing, whereas "Save Best Splits" did what was expected, saving the best splits. However, some of my splits were worse than my best, so only part of the run was saved. 

More detail: I made splits based on my previous time on Google Sheets, then exported it as a .tsv. I played through the run, splitting at the right times, and ended up with a pb. However, as previously stated, I couldn't save all of my splits.  

Can you provide the splits file that you used with Time Split Tracker before you did your run (and also afterward, which might be helpful to have the save try to fix the format)?  It sounds like it may have been in an incorrect format.  Also, what did you use to export the file for use with Time Split Tracker?  I wonder if the export process is faulty.

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All I did to export it was export it as a .tsv straight from Google Sheets. 

Here is a picture of the splits file:

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Ah, you need another column after best splits for the best overall run.  Time Split Tracker requires that because its primary feature is tracking the best run's splits.  Without that column, the best splits column is being treated as a best run.

Thanks! However, a new problem has arisen with the splits under the "Best Overall Run" Column. They only show up as the individual segment times instead of the sum of the times up to that point. Here is a picture of the splits file side by side with TST: 

Is there a formatting issue?

Update: Upon completing a run and hitting "Save Splits", the problem fixed itself. Thank you for your help!


You're welcome.

For future reference (for others searching the threads), it is not a formatting issue.  The times in the best splits column are stored as each split's duration, but the times in the best run column (and comparison run columns) are stored as the actual run time at each split.