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A Minimalist Music Tracker. · By Rekka & Devine

Display bug

A topic by aNewPseudonym created Jan 23, 2018 Views: 300 Replies: 5
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Hey there,

Tried out Marabu but had a small bug.

You can see, the pattern editor columns are not displaying properly.  It looked like this even after closing and restarting, and after re-downloading the program.  It seemed to be functioning normally, it was just displaying weirdly. This is on windows 10, if that helps.

Thank you, I like your work!


Pull, that should be fixed now :)

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Wow so fast! That fixed that issue, but I'm now noticing the topmost line of the pattern editor is cutoff.


How weird. I don't get this at all. 

If you press `m` twice, does it fixes it?

I tried it. Pressing M does this:

Pressing it again returns it to the same position with the top cut-off.


I'll figure this out :) 

Gimme a few hours.