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Rubi: The Wayward Mira

A vibrant 16-bit metroidvania. Inspired by particle physics and the nightmares that exist within ourselves. · By kieryst

Hi, wanted to ask about buying the game here and future updates

A topic by Hobcramwork created Jan 23, 2018 Views: 259 Replies: 5
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Hi there, I had fun playing your demo sometime late last year, and was wondering whether I would be getting updates to the game once I've purchased it here, or would it be better to purchase it on Steam in order to access the downloads?


Hey there!

Purchasing the game here will get you access to all future updates. I try and push a release once a month or so with the newest changes. In addition, it also gets you a copy of the full game on release.

You're also welcome to join our Discord, and I'll give you the Patreon role to reflect your support of this project as well!

Ah, I see; that would be most convenient for all your customers.

Patreon role? Does this apply to everyone who paid for the game here on

By the way, I enjoyed playing your demo from the Kickstarter campaign, and I look forward to playing the full game once it's ready :)


Aw, thanks for the kind words!

Yep, everyone who has purchased the game here is eligible for that, they just need to message me their discord info so I can assign the proper role.

You're welcome, friend :)

Ah, I see. That clarifies it for me :o

Hi, I had bought the game yesterday, and wanted to know how I could send you my Discord info. If it can be done from here, then use this to link to me: Shashi#9228