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Nowhere Prophet

A roguelike tactical card game set after a technological apocalypse. · By Sharkbomb Studios

Overcharge Bugged?

A topic by Dk28 created Jan 20, 2018 Views: 134 Replies: 1
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Hi just got the game a few days ago and loving it! Definitely has the potential to be a really good game.

Can you please explain how the overcharge card works? Currently, I'm in a game and have 3 momentum out of 6 left in my turn. I'm assuming overcharge should allow me to play it and, regain all my momentum back to (6-2)=4?

However, it won't allow me to play the card and indicates there are no viable targets.


Yeah, that sounds like a bug. Let me look into the code... Yeah, it's bugged. Sorry about that. Will be fixed in the next version of the game!