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Classic Hard Rock/Metal survivor

A topic by blackdoom created 30 days ago Views: 39
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Finally have some free time. I did this once before with 80's alternative music, but right now Unknown Solider has got me into metal so ...

Classic Metal/Hard rock survivor

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I've listed 25 classic hard rock/metal bands. Everyone votes the bands off until there is one left standing to be proclaimed the greatest METAL band of all time!!! 


25. Mercyful fate 
24. Sepultura
23. Helloween
22. Guns N Roses
21. Skid Row
20. Aerosmith
19. KISS
18. Pantera
17. Anthrax 
16. W.A.S.P.
15. OZZY
14. Def Leppard
13. Scorpions
12. Dio
11. Megadeth
10. Motley Crue
9. AC/DC
8. Van Halen
7.Alice Cooper
6. Metallica
5. Motorhead
4. Judas Priest
3. Slayer
2. Iron maiden
1. Black Sabbath

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Rules and notes

1. You vote off two bands you don't like two get knocked off until we get to the top 10 than it is one band. We will eventually just vote 1 off. You can see how it's played here...80's alternative survivor

2. I need a minimum of 5 people to play, if we got the numbers I will set a two day closing time for voting, but you can start voting now

3. If there are bands that you think should be added by all means let me know, I don't want the list to get to big though. 

4. Example how you play, I'm not big on the following bands so I vote them off...

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