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I bought this game a year ago, havent heard anything new, is this abondoned?

A topic by Jaysinvialoux created Jan 16, 2018 Views: 187 Replies: 3
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I had high hopes for this game but kinda dishearted with zero updates for so long

Literally just posted an update!

What's new

  • Brand new basement arcade area
  • Calibrator for punch distance
  • New Enemy AI
  • Enhanced Enemy models
  • New Arm Models
  • New Music
  • Streamlined Tutorial
  • Completely new Subway Level

Also, super sorry for the radio silence.  We've been hard at work on it.  We're a small team and life took its toll on us and unfortunately that meant going us going dark in our communications.  

You have my sincerest apologies.


lol, what timing eh? Looking forward to checking it out

Let us know if you run into bugs or get stuck.  We ran into some weird instances at PAX:South2018 where on repeated playthroughs occasionally  some warp points wouldn't appear.  (Like 1 out 6 players would encounter it.)  I'm trying to suss that one out today.   Also on the docket for a patch this weekend are some updates to the AI.