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SUPERHOTline Miami Deluxe

What happens when you mix SUPER HOT with Hotline Miami ? You get SUPERHOTline Miami ! · By Albatr

[News] SHOOTOUT Inc. Sticky

A topic by Albatr created Mar 14, 2016 Views: 4,992 Replies: 10
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Developer (2 edits) (+3)

Hi everyone, I'm frequently asked if there will be a full game based on SUPERHOTline Miami, so I decided to also answer this question here.

The answer is yes, I'm working on a game called SHOOTOUT Inc, it's basically SUPERHOTline Miami on steroids, it will have a dual wield weapon system, explosions, window breaking action, a lot more weapons, more explosions, various types of missions (not just "kill all the enemies").

Here's a trailer : page :

Devblog :

I obviously don't have a release date yet, so it'll come out "when it's done".

wow! Nice!

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Are you accepting voluteers to work in the project? I was thinking of modding SuperHotline Miami, but since you are making this game I think my effort would be better used there.

Developer (1 edit)

Well, I am using Construct 2, which doesn't handle multiple persons working on the same project at the same time really well, in fact, not at all lol. It would require merging files generated by Construct itself, which aren't supposed to be edited by hand.

The other problem is that I develop the game on my free time, which I have a lot because I don't have a job at the moment, but this might change in a more or less near future. Also, my work schedule is a complete mess, hell, in fact I don't even have any, one day I work on integrating animations, then the day after I'll be working on a level; and that's the same for the time I spend working on the game everyday, 8 hours on Monday, and nothing on Tuesday because I don't feel like working. So yeah, a complete mess, that would make working efficiently with someone else really hard, both for me, and that person.

BUT, what I was thinking about doing, is to upload demos regularly on the page, and give away a few download keys here and there to let people download the demo. That way, I hope I'll get some feedback, and people will be able to participate in shaping some aspects of the game if they want to. Although I'll still have the final decision of course, when creating a game, you gotta take user feedbacks into account only up to a certain point, or else you'll end up making another bland, boring, uninteresting game because you're trying to please too many different kind of players :)

Hello! You really tried over the game ! Good job!! But the graphics are very damaged . Large pixels . and camera shake , making it very difficult game. Overall, very pleased. Like the regime of weapons in two hands and pomegranate . I hope to improve myself and the ability to create maps . By the way , the first part of the game was more complicated , and more The detailed . Thank you


Thanks !

Graphics will probably change in the future, we are still not sure about the style we will be using in the final game. Camera shake is used for feedback when shooting, but maybe I will reduce it a little bit.

Will there be a level editor on shoot out similiar to superhotline miami?

Albatr, I now praise you as some sort of god.

Do have any plans for putting the game on Steam? It could get a lot of attention and help from the community for ideas!

Pretty Good

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SuperHotLine is better than Shootout. It is simpler, more enjoyable, not overdone but just right. Pity there are so few levels, perhaps the game would also use a new gun or two. We have straightline singlefire (pistol), straightline rapidfire (rifle), scatter singlefire (shotgun), what we need is scatter rapidfire (automatic shotgun). Maybe some grenade launcher would do, with bouncing off the walls mechanic, I know you have one in the Shootout. It may provide some ideas for extra levels. Alternatively, perhaps some laser gun, the fire of which could bounce off the walls, unnecessarily causing an explosion effect, if the latter one is troublesome, gameplay wise. The laser could also bounce off the glass, say, not smash it down. Interesting effect would be the splitting of a laser beam, making it a chain reaction in some cases.

On a sidenote, on the Linux, I encounter a small problem, namely, the game takes to launch only from the Terminal and spits some minor errors in the feedback but does work without any further issue.


Also, a challenge system: finish the game in maximum X minutes without getting defeated even once.