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Finding Bob

an RPG for your Phone and Desktop! · By John Moose Games

Profession Summary Sticky

A topic by John Moose Games created Jan 12, 2018 Views: 105
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General Information

  • No level cap
    • Required experience doubles every 10 levels.
    • 1 million experience at level 100.
    • Experience rates increase at a much slower rate.

Combat (Warrior, Wizard and Archer)

  • Experience earned by defeating monsters. (Scales with the level and difficulty of the monster)
  • Wizard and Archer not yet available.
  • Only Heavy Armor (Metal, Bronze. level 1-10) is currently available, Light Armor(Cloth) and Medium Armor(Leather) are to be added.
  • No level requirements for wielding weapons and wearing armor. If you find it, you can wear it.
  • Armor and Weapons give Attack and Defence Rating.
    • Weapons provide most of your rating(~50%).
    • Heavy Armor will provide the most Defence Rating, but no Attack Rating, while light Armor will provide little defence rating, but much more Attack Rating. A similar concept is applied to Weapons.
  • Warrior, Wizard and Archer level determine the accuracy of melee, magical and ranged abilities while Attack Rating determines the maximum hit.
  • Rating provided by equipment scales with it's level, doubling every 10 levels.

Combat (Tank)

  • Experience earned by defeating monsters and a small chance of earning experience  when receiving damage. (Scales with the level and difficulty of the monster)
  • Increases maximum health.
    • Doubles every 10 levels.

Miner, Lumberjack and Fisherman

  • Tool Rating is used to determine the effective maximum hit while gathering, level increases accuracy.
  • Tool Rating provided by equipment scales with it's level, doubling every 10 levels.
  • Gathering with
    • Two Handed tools provide significantly more Rating at the cost of being slow.
    • Dual wielding tools provides significantly more attempts at mining ore at the cost of lower Rating.
    • Shield and tool provides a middle point between the above.
    • *This does not apply to fishing rods.
  • Ore and tree spawns have a limited number of attempts before depleting the resource, while fishing pools give a set amount of resources before depleting.


  • No level requirements to craft items, if you have the materials, you can craft it.
    • Most Crafted items scale with your level.
      • IE. Smithing a level 70 sword with 20 blacksmith will result in a level 20 sword.
    • Items that scale with level have a maximum level.
      • IE. Smithing a Bronze weapon (level 1) with 20 blacksmith will result in a level 10 sword.
    • Experience earned scales with the base level of the Item.
      • Recipes give experience based on the resources used.
        • Metal bars : Blacksmith exp
        • Logs : Artisan exp


  • Turn raw ingredients into edible foods that heal health points.
  • Cooking multiple fish together (1, 2, 3 or 4 in a row)
    • Provides experience per fish.
    • Cooking 4 fish together produces 1 fish that heals for slightly more than twice the hitpoints of cooking 1 fish alone.