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Seperate download page for free games

A topic by Positive Zero created Jan 11, 2018 Views: 117 Replies: 2
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When you set the price of your game to no payments, there wont be a download button on top of your page but rather one for every single file at the bottom. With the price set to "optional donations" there is one on top.

I feel like it should be atleast optional to have a seperate download page (like the one after "No, just take me to the downloads") because with the install instructions AND the whole other text its quite a lot to scroll in some cases.

And besides that when theres a dl button right on top on the page at the first screen it statistically boosts the amount of downloads dramatically. I see no reason why that souldnt be made available optional.


Is this a duplicate topic?

Wanted to move it to the proper category