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Body Color

A topic by noyen1973 created Dec 16, 2021 Views: 56 Replies: 2
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Using V7 when I try to change Body color C1 it doesn't always come out the color I select.  I was trying to make a version of the green Yamo from Bruce Lee and when I chose the belly color to be green it comes out a darker shade of green than what is shown.  I tried setting colors C1-C5 as all the same color (green)  but C1 won't change to the selected color.  Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


That seems like a bug to me. I will see to fix this asap and give you feedback!

Thank you for the response.

I've encountered another problem where changing the the colors in the Legs also changes the color in the Body.  Maybe reviewing the color coordination for the different parts might be in order.  As well, I've noticed the last color settings are restored when I restart the tool is there a way to reset to the original color settings?