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Variable In-Text Workaround

A topic by SmickyG created Jan 11, 2018 Views: 242 Replies: 2
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I found a way to fix my issue with displaying actual variables in dialogue. If anyone's stuck on this, here's what I did. I was trying to get the variable "FS" (Final Score) to display in the final room of my game. I tried a bunch of different ideas involving the say command in an attempt to read the variable's data directly. I found, though, that if you set the variable's tag in the Var/Item settings page (VarName : VarTag) to an introduction to the variable (I.E. "Gold Collected: ") as well as in the dialogue box type {say "VarName Here"} WITH the quotes, it will display the value when prompted. Is there a better way to do this?

What I did was just {say VariableName} in the text... is this the result you wanted?

Oh lord, I feel like a dork. Thank you so much, this will help tremendously