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FAZIC code like it's 1982!

A topic by fazibear created Jan 09, 2018 Views: 135 Replies: 3
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Hi, I'd like to introduce to you another fantasy game console.

This one is inspired by Commodore64 computer and has a BASIC interpreter build in.

You can check it here:

What do you think? Feedback appreciated!


All right, this is a cool toy, if for no other reason that fantasy consoles abound, while fantasy home computers are virtually non-existent. (Well, there's one now.) I considered something similar, but couldn't come up with a strong enough concept.

Sadly there aren't enough hours in the day for me to pick up yet another tool, but congrats from a fellow fan of BASIC. Care to talk about your plans for the future? Maybe a way to package an instance of the console along with a set of saved programs for easy distribution? Of course that could be tricky if it had to include the retro TV frame. :P

Actually plans are huge.  The best part is that core functionality is finished.   I just need to implement new basic commands and extension.  They are copied from the FAZIC page:


  • PET ASCII Support
  • User Input Commands
  • Graphic Commands
  • Sprites Support
  • Sound
  • Arrays Support
  • Hashes Support
  • Networking Support


  • Upload you programs
  • Save programs in the cloud
  • Share programs with other clients
  • Share programs with other users
  • Load other users programs

Native clients

  • OSX
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android

This looks pretty cool. I notice you have an page but the integration is a bit weird. Is there anything we can do it make it better? I'd be glad to feature the project once making it functional inside the page instead of just a link to another page.