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Out Dodging Boxes

A topic by JoylessSnakeGames created Jan 08, 2018 Views: 59
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For those of you who haven't met Out Dodging Boxes the premise is simple: Collect the gold and get out and dodge everything else also it can induce a slight bit of rage.... like a lot.OK so first things first we now have audio which is a massive improvement. Since we now have audio it seemed like a fitting time to create a settings menu since we somehow haven't needed on till now which is good I guess. However as the settings are new expect some interesting things. Currently the game wont change music volume until you restart which isn't great and thus we are working to get that sorted since it really is good music. Enemy spawning has changed as well so its a bit more predictable the spawners now give you a 1 second warning before they send out the "Boxes of Death".  Oh and one more thing... we now have a logo of some description why don't you tell us what you think.


Happy Dodging --The Joyless Snake Team