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Lullaby Gardens

Become a shopkeeper in a coastal town! Farm, mine, forage and catch bug to gather goods and supply your shop. · By dadaistudios

Glitching Screen

A topic by shaelababe created Jan 06, 2018 Views: 199 Replies: 4
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I just found this game a couple of days ago and bought it. After I downloaded and ran everything the game popped up but there was a problem with the visuals. The screen is running in green and pink. I can see and play the game and it's setting but it's constantly switching between green and pink. Has anyone else had these problems and does anyone know how to fix it?

I have the exact same problem:(

The same thing happened with me - was anyone able to find a fix?

Sadly not. I tried downloading the itch Launcher but nothing worked for me. I'm hoping the devs will reply.

I've also bought the game, and i also experienced the same problem. Hopefully we get some kind of help from the dev's...