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Maxmuses launch the first online trading card game using phases God Caster on the first indie game crowdfunding platform Gamekicker

A topic by Maxmuses created Mar 11, 2016 Views: 171
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God Caster - the first online trading card game with a no turns and super active gameplay using Preparing phase and Duel phase, featuring Gods, mythical creatures and cultures around the world. The game also received the support of Square Enix Collective and approved by Steam Greenlight. God Caster's campaign is live now on, the first crowdfunding platform for true indie games, with the first stretch goal is to be the first VR online active trading card game. This hopefully can be a good news to many indie developers and players enjoying indie games, we would like to invite you to check out the game and the platform. It will be our honor to have your feedback.


In God Caster, players will experience a new way to enjoy a card game. Without turns and waiting the whole experience gets more active. Players will also have to competitively collect souls to summon their cards which adds a whole new level of strategy. Besides this added strategic value, the battles in God Caster bring a fun experience with many different functions. Beginning with a novice master and a simple story about chasing the only candy in the world, the players can later choose 18 unique jobs such as titan, anima, elf, devil etc.

Besides the single player story mode, players can also enjoy various online multiplayer game modes such as ranked, local and champion. Players also can party with their friends to raid bosses. Finally, we have also implemented the use of many toys, such as a smoke bomb to blind your enemy. It does not cause any damage but it is a big distraction.

God Caster's game concept is about sharing culture. Players all over the world can find their local mythical creatures and gods in the game. God Caster also is the first card game with more humanity. For example, all the words "killed" will be changed to "kicked" and whenever a nature/tree monster is kicked, it will say "save the green".