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NW.JS version do hashes too slow compared with browsers

A topic by Kronbits created Jan 05, 2018 Views: 187 Replies: 6
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With the same default config on:

NW.JS i get around 7 hashes per seconds (4 threads)

Browser(Firefox): 60 hashes per second. (4 threads)

In both cases the CPU get around 90-95%.

What can be?


Also the best browser to mine is Firefox(61 per second) with last
update. Chrome/Opera/Vivaldi get 55-56 per second. i don't know why.


Try to export your NW.js project

When running on preview, it's slow most of the time

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Exported and the max i get using NW.JS is using the 64bit version of WIndows7 and give me 16 hashes by second instead of 60 using the browser. All using the config settings of the .capx .

On preview max 7-8. On exported seems get double 14-16 max. I tried start with 4 cores and other options but the max is about 16 using Win64 bits. Any idea of what can be?


This is surprising 🤔

I don't know what could be the reason. I will try to wrap with electron instead of NW.js to see if it's related the the wrapper or just because it's web

Ok thanks! ;)


Hey, just got the time to make some tests

All browser are between 50 hashes/s and 60 (4 cpus and throttle 0.2)

About NW.js I got between 40 and 45 hashes in preview)  and 50 hashes in export

And Electron got 48 hashes on preview (not the time to test export)

I think there's a problem on your end ?

I see, mMaybe, i think i should update the NW.JS version i'm using and test again. Thanks!