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Plugin version Vs Capx version

A topic by Kronbits created Jan 05, 2018 Views: 228 Replies: 5
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Just got this error , i downloaded the  1.3.2 version zip, used the drop c2addon on C2, closed the app and open the .capx provided and this is what appears:

There is a 1.3.3 version there? Or what i'm missing ?


EDIT: The firsc action is called "AutoThread enbaled", maybe is "AutoThread enabled" ?
Developer (1 edit)

Did you installed any older version by hand ?

What do you mean ? I don't see the typo

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Nop, no installed nothing previously by hand. Appears always that try to open the .capx provided in 1.3.2 .zip version.

It looks like the .capx was saved with a 1.3.3 version, and due i have the 1.3.2 detects i have an old version and shows this warning.

The one thing i did, was drag&drop the addon file from the 1.3.2 to an open project of C2. Then i restarted and opened the .capx file on 1.32 and always tell me that.


The typo: EnBaled - Enabled . The "B" is not in the right place. At least in the plugin version i have.


OK thanks for the info, I will correct that 

Can you screenshot me where it appear, I can't find it 

Hi! great!, i guess creating a new capx and pasting the events also should works.

The "enbaled" here:


New version published!