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Cosmic Everyday

Make your projects done with the super-powered organizer · By Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych

Cool software but missing features for me. [Win7]

A topic by Antharia Jack created Jan 03, 2018 Views: 141 Replies: 2
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I used it for three days. It's cool, i wanna keep it. But...

Notebook task don't appear on homepage.

Activity log works on timetracker page but not 'My day' graphical view.

Is there something i did wrong ?

Thanks for this app.

Developer (2 edits)

Hey Nicolas,

Which kind of tasks don't appear? Do you mean the ones that are created in each card (the Task section), or when you are marking the whole list as a task list in a hamburger menu? The latter one does have issues and I've identified its source.

Quick tests show that the 'My day' view is affected by new time-tracker records :/ I see it now. Fixed.

Edit: marking the whole list as a task list now works again. Adding and tracking tasks in cards should work as is.

Cool. I'll test it. Thanks.