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The Dastardly Dairy Debacle

A short 2D role-playing adventure for your mobile/touch screen device! · By Whim Independent Studios

Why was this game removed?

A topic by Timoneda created Dec 01, 2021 Views: 219 Replies: 7
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Hi! To be frank, we had a lot of issues trying to maintain and update the game and it wasn't making the income necessary to keep support for the game going, so we made the decision to sunset it in November of 2020. 

We are currently working on our other games Selatria and Spellbearers. Please give them a try! :)

Is there any way for those of us to get it now, who got the game in a bundle but weren't able to "claim" it before?

Even if you claimed it, the download was removed (still don't get the point of doing this)

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Oh wow, that's honestly really stupid. No other game store that I know of does that.
(That's not a slight at you or the devs, but at I understand the need for removing the game.)

Developer (1 edit)

Hi! Thanks for the feedback. We can re-upload the game but just keep in mind we're no longer supporting it and no plans to fix any issues you may encounter with the build.

Oh that's great, thank you!


Hey all - Thanks for your feedback on the build of the game being removed and unavailable for play. We have re-uploaded the Android build of "The Dastardly Dairy Debacle" for those of you who may have gotten a copy of the game from bundles we have sold in the past. 

Please just note that this is the most recent build of the game from November of 2020, and we are no longer supporting future development of the game and will not be fixing or patching any issues encountered with the game. Please play at your own risk! Thank you for your support and understanding. 

Grover Wimberly IV